Welcome to Los Angeles Bass Works

Los Angeles Bass Works was established to give the Double Bass the care and attention it deserves but had not always received in the past. Our mission is to ensure that bassists have instruments in good working order to help them hone, perfect and continue their craft. As we are both active bassists as well, we bring a uniquely musical skill set to our work as luthiers.

Our goal as a business is to continue assisting bassists from any age, background, status or ability level to find their instrument's best voice and condition. We perform all types of repairs, restorations and setups, from changing strings to gluing seams and cracks, cutting a new bridge to reshaping or replacing a fingerboard, cleaning and polishing a bass to sound post patches, fitting new sound posts to fitting new bass bars, tuning gear, endpin and tailpiece repair or replacement, scroll or neck grafts, low C (or B) extensions, conversions to travel basses, repairing broken necks and scrolls, and a variety of other small and large repairs. Cumulatively, we have many decades of experience in both bass performance and luthier work. Please call or email at your earliest convenience to make an appointment for a consultation.

Basses and Bows

We offer both double basses and bass bows from new to vintage. We also sell some accessories and are happy to order anything you may need for your double bass or bow if we don't have it on hand. Additionally we gladly offer a free trial period before the purchase of any bass or bow.


Repairing a bass can be a quick or lengthy process, depending on what's required. A good set up is paramount for the success of each individual bassist. We are committed to working with each customer to tailor their instruments to their personal needs and specifications.


At Los Angeles Bass Works we pride ourselves on offering high quality restoration. We treat all basses with the finest care, from entry level to professional, using traditional violin making and restoration techniques. We believe each player deserves to enjoy their bass for a lifetime.

Calls are preferred, but you can also contact us below

(213) 380-3480

Los Angeles Bass Works is a musical instrument shop offering repair, restoration, setup and sale of new and used double basses. We also sell some accessories as well as new and used bows. We are committed to the highest standards, maintaining lasting relationships, providing excellent service and maintaining a safe work environment.

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